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Select pharmacies to receive COVID-19 vaccines starting next week, White House says

The Biden administration will begin delivering COVID-19 vaccines to select pharmacies beginning next week. In a White House briefing held Tuesday, Jeffrey Zients said that beginning Feb. 11, people who are eligible for the vaccine under their state’s requirements will be able to make an appointment through their pharmacy.

"Due to the current supply constraints, this will be limited when it begins next week," Zients said, adding that about 6,500 pharmacies will be brought online during the initial rollout before the program expands.

Pharmacy locations were selected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention based on equity and vulnerability, he said. The CDC will also monitor the data on an ongoing basis to ensure supply is used efficiently and equitably.

About 1 million doses will be allocated to the pharmacies in the first phase. The vaccine allotment going to pharmacies is in addition to the supply already being sent to states, and is a result of Moderna and Pfizer's ability to increase production, Zients said.

Zients also said that the nation's vaccine supply overall has increased by more than 20% since the Biden administration took office.

by FoxNews

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