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The Facts of Life Insurance

The death benefit provided by life insurance is key to any financial plan. The correct amount of coverage will help protect your family, without the correct coverage loss of lifestyle or standard of living can be a struggle.


Remember Life Insurance is not necessarily for yourself, but for the loved ones you leave behind. Because different people have various responsibilities, so too should your products vary. Below is a brief description of the types of life insurance products available.

Term insurance - provides coverage for a specific period of time or "term." It is a good fit for people who would like a high dollar amount of coverage for the lowest cost. Because term coverage is also convertible, it is ideal for those that need immediate affordable life insurance protection.

Universal Coverage - A flexible-premium, adjustable benefit policy that accumulates account value. The flexibility of this policy allows you to change the amount of coverage as your needs change. Some changes require underwriting approval.

Whole or Permanent coverage - commonly referred to as whole life, provides protection for your entire life. Policy premiums generally do not increase with the age of the insured once the policy is purchased, but this can vary from company to company.

Variable insurance - combines the protection of a traditional life plan with the potential to earn market returns on your policy cash value. With a wide array of investment options, the decision on where to direct your cash funds is up to you.

Beyond the death benefit

While this type of coverage is primarily purchased for the death benefit, permanent coverage offers additional benefits that you can experience while you are living; those benefits are referred to as living benefits. Living benefits can be in the form of policy cash value, optional riders, and policy features and can provide resources for helping with:

  • Supplementing retirement income

  • Preparing for chronic illness

  • Disability income

  • Business Planning

  • College tuition

  • Charitable planning