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  • We are a local agency based in Texas, helping Texans

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  • We will compare your Medigap or Medicare Advantage Plan options

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  • All our quotes are direct from the insurance provider of your choice

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The Facts of Life Insurance

Did you know that the death benefit provided by life insurance is essential to any financial plan?


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The correct amount of coverage will help protect your family, while no coverage puts your family's standard of living in jeopardy.


Life Insurance is not for yourself, but for the loved ones you leave behind. Because different people have various responsibilities, so too should your products vary.

Do you have an advocate that helps with your insurance needs?

As your advocate, we will help you compare insurance companies, plans, and benefits that fit your needs, not ours.  Our goal is to aid you with a free insurance quote, information on how coverage will best fit your specific needs, and assist as those need change.  With over 20 years of professional business experience, we have the tools and integrity to help with honest advice. 


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Our online quoting tools are designed for you to securely review multiple Texas health insurance, Medigap, Medicare Advantage Plans, dental insurance, vision insurance, and Life plans from the top "A" rated companies in minutes. Our software even allows you to securely purchase plans directly online from the provider of your choice. 

Would you prefer to speak with an Agent?  Perfect, contact us when convenient by calling 713-979-9296.  As the client, we work for you to make the process of purchasing affordable health insurance products as easy as possible.  


We realize that Medigap, Medicare Advantage Plans, Health, Dental, Vision, and Life insurance can be confusing.  We are happy to advise you with your free insurance quote and provide plans that best fit your needs and budget.  Lone Star Insurance Benefits is your trusted source for health, dental, vision, and life insurance in Texas.

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Your Key to Coverage

The key to your insurance coverage is understanding plan options, how it works, and a balance between benefits and costs.  We will provide you with that information, so you can make a good decision about your coverage.  

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We offer many different plan options including Medigap, Medicare Advantage plans, health, dental, vision, accident, illness, disability, and life coverage.  With over 20 years of experience, I'm sure we can find coverage to fit your specific needs and budget.  It is also important to note all pricing is directly from the insurance provider of your choice and no other insurer can offer you the same plan for a better cost. 


Compare Texas health insurance and life coverage side-by-side, or and buy securely online direct from the insurer of your choice!  When you have questions, need help, or simply wish to have additional information, contact us for help.  We are your Texas Health Insurance Resource!

Need Help, Have Questions?

Please call or drop us an email anytime you have questions.  We are here to assist you through the process and help you find the best insurance plan that fits your specific needs and budget. Medigap, Medicare Advantage, Health, Dental, Vision, & Life Insurance for Texas.

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We protect your privacy! Your information is always held in strict confidence and never shared with any outside source except for the intention of applying for coverage! Please review our Privacy Statement listed below if you have any concerns.