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What can you expect from your Dental Plan?

Preventative Care

Preventive dental care is designed to help keep you teeth healthy. Typically preventative care covers routine cleaning, Oral exams, and routine X-rays but coverage may vary. 

Basic Dental Care

This is typically considered fillings, extractions, and non-routine X-rays.  Plans vary so please review the benefits carefully.  

Major Dental Care

Usually, Major care can be considered Crowns, Implants, Gum Disease, Dentures, and more difficult procedures.  Please review your plan to see if and how these types of procedures are covered.  

Dental Network

Most Dental Plans offer a broad network of Dentist for you to choose from.  Please check the network in your area before purchase.

Please note; exclusions, limitations, and waiting periods do exist with most dental insurance plans.  Please read the benefits of each plan before purchasing. 

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What you should know about Dental Plans before purchasing

Purchasing the cheapest plan may seem like a good idea at the time but it's often not the best value.  Please read the benefits of each plan, understand how the plan offers coverage, and know that many plans will have a deductible before the plan offers coverage.  Your Dental Insurance is an investment for your smile and health, so choose a Vision plan or Dental plan that works best for you and your family.

It is essential that you understand what's covered under your Dental Plan.  Most plans typically offer covered preventative care such as routine cleaning every 6 months, oral exams, and annual X-rays.  It's also important that you understand how the plan will also cover basic restorative care like fillings and extractions as well as major restorative care like root canals.  Please take the time to review the benefit summary before purchasing. 


Is your Dentist in Network or is there a Network Dentist in your area?  This is often one of the biggest mistakes when purchasing a Dental Plan.  Take the time to review the network of Dentists online or contact your Dentist directly to confirm that they are in the Network.  It is also important to work with a reputable Dental Insurance Agency or Dental Insurance Agent you trust for help.

To learn more about waiting periods, deductibles, covered services, out-of-pocket costs, please visit our Dental Insurance Information Page. 




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We protect your privacy.  Your information is held in strict confidence and never shared with any outside source except for the intention of applying for coverage! Please review our Privacy Statement listed below if you have any concerns.